Chief Operations Officer HealthTexas Medical Group
"Paul is an extraordinary leader. He is results driven. Paul will realize a target and immediately begin project execution keeping mindful of any and all deadlines. His collected demeanor and approachable nature motivates his team to productivity. I have had the opportunity to work with him on several projects and feel confident recommending him!"
Audrey Hernandez
Director of Clinical Recruitment at AmeriWound, LLC and CaliforniaWoundHealth
Paul is a true professional with superb leadership and administrative skills. As a leader he has a keen sense of when to let subordinates lead and when to intervene. As an administrator he is always focused on ways to improve the organization. I would not hessitate to recommend Paul for any position..

Les Barto, Physician Assistant at Ear Medical Group
     I've had the pleasure of servicing Ear Medical Group where Paul is the CEO since 2006. While doing so, I have grown to realize that Paul is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible people I've ever come to know. Paul is a personable, professional with high morales and integrity. Paul can be depended on for whatever task is at hand. He is a man of character, honesty, and most of all trustworthy. I do not hesitate to recommend Paul for any service he may provide. Paul is a true asset.

Gary Bryant, Sales Consultant at Physicians Sales and Service (PSS)
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